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Oil Changes

Probably nothing is more crucial to the life and longevity of your vehicle. We provide conventional and synthetic options to keep your engine running its longest.

How often do I need to change my oil?

Your owner’s manual will give recommended intervals. However, you may need to change your oil more frequently, depending on your driving habits and road and weather conditions. If you aren’t sure, this is one of the cheapest ways to extend the life of your vehicle.

Should I use conventional or synthetic oil?

While synthetic oils are engineered and have a very good reputation for longevity, you should not necessarily assume it is right to use in your vehicle. Consult one of our technicians to know what is best for your car and situation.

What if I don't drive very much?

Oil, like anything, loses its effectiveness with time. Your owner’s manual will suggest both time and distance intervals for oil changes. Again, if in doubt, it’s better to keep good and fresh oil in your engine to protect it.

Brake Systems

A vehicle is only as good as its brakes they say. Make sure yours will keep you safe and sound on the road.

How long do brakes last?

Braking systems are complex. Parts of these systems are also designed to wear with time. Pads and rotors work together to slow your car, but with time they can wear too thin, get too hot, or can warp. Check your manual for proper intervals, and when in doubt, give us a call.

What if my brakes are squeaking?

This can be a minimal issue or more serious. Noises mean your braking system needs attention. Call us.

How do I know when I need to change my brakes?

For most cases, your vehicle’s manual will have suggested intervals. However, this is often related most to your driving habits. We can inspect and give you a better idea.

Tire Repair

Summer or winter, raining or dry, we can help ensure your vehicle is ready for whatever Alaska has to throw at you.

What is tire balancing?

Tires, by nature, are not perfectly weighted. Professionals use weights to balance tires to reduce shake or wobble. If you are experiencing either of these, you may need tire balancing.

Do I need snow tires?

Snow tires are not necessary to operate in winter. All tires are specially designed for different conditions. Winter tires are specially designed to give better grip in cold temperatures as well as snow and ice. We highly recommend them.

How often do I need new tires?

This will depend mostly on your driving habits, road conditions, and tire type. Your vehicle owner manual will give recommendations, and we are here to help support. If your tires have bald spots, wear unevenly, are cracked, or you are simply unsure, give us a call and we can help.

Steering & Suspension

Alaska’s roads are hard on suspension and steering systems. We provide alignments and repair services to keep you in control.

Why does my car pull toward one side?

There are a couple reasons this can be, but most likely you need an alignment. With Alaska’s roads being as rough as they are, alignments are also more commonly needed. We can properly align your car to keep you on the road and maintain longevity in your car’s suspension and steering components.

Why are my tires wearing unevenly?

There are a couple reasons this can be, but most likely you need an alignment. With Alaska’s roads being as rough as they are, alignments are also more commonly needed. We can properly align your car to keep you on the road and maintain longevity in your car’s suspension and steering components.

I hear strange clunks when I go over a bump. Why might that be?

Likely you have suspension parts wearing. Struts and shocks are not just there for comfort, they are also integral to safety and keeping your care stable on the road. If you have any play in your steering or sloppy feel in your ride, you should contact us to diagnose.

Belts & hoses

These parts will fail, no question.
The question is when. We help diagnose
and replace worn belts and hoses.

My belt makes a squealing sound, is that okay?

Probably not. Belts are designed to work within certain tolerances and as they expand and contract, issues can arise over time that will lead to misalignment. This can, in turn, lead to belts squealing or slipping.

Do I need to change the hoses in my car?

Of course the answer to this will depend. However, at some point, the answer is most certainly yes. Just like belts, hoses work within tolerances and they wear out with time. You should have them checked by a professional regularly and changed when necessary.

How often should I change my timing belt?

Timing belts are an extremely important part of any vehicle, and your owner’s manual will give suggested timing belt change intervals. You should be diligent to follow this schedule. Missing this one could lead to ruining your engine and extremely expensive repair.

Exhaust & Muffler

Exhaust systems don’t just keep your car quiet. They also are an integral design to how modern engines work.

Are emissions test required in Alaska?

While emissions testing was previously required in Anchorage, it is no longer the case.

My car is making strange sounds. What do I do?

As you already know, modern cars have all kinds of systems that work in tandem. Strange sounds can be related to many things, but one are to consider is your exhaust system. We can diagnose strange sounds and give you recommendations.

My car is stuttering. What do I do?

Bring it in or give us a call. There are different reasons this can be the case, but it is almost impossible to know without diagnosing your particular issue.

Batteries & Charging

Don’t get stranded in the cold or remoteness of Alaska. We can test, charge, and replace your battery to make sure your car starts every time.

How long do car batteries last?

Car batteries are designed to last usually from three to five years, depending on use and climate conditions. Sometimes batteries will last significantly longer. Modern vehicles use batteries in many ways to maintain vital systems. Even if your battery seems to be working fine, it is a good thing to get checked and serviced regularly. You don’t want to be stranded due to a simple battery issue.

Can you see if my battery is working properly?

Absolutely. This is another preventative maintenance issue that we can help you with. If you want to know how well your battery is performing, just swing by or give us a call to schedule a time and we can help test your battery.

Engine Cooling

Ensure your engine’s peak performance and lifespan by maintaining proper cooling and temperature control.

How often should I flush and replace radiator fluid?

Generally adhere to your owner’s manual for information on intervals for proper maintenance. However, in extreme climates, like Alaska, you may need to do this more often to maintain peak performance.

I smell something sweet. Is that okay?

Probably not. Likely this is from a coolant leak somewhere in your car’s cooling system. Most likely it is a heater core issue, but we will need to diagnose to make sure.

Is it okay if my car's fan turns on a lot?

In most cases, this is completely normal. Your car’s fan is controlled by the computer, and will turn on when it is supposed to. However, if it turns on, but does not produce heat or cooling in your vehicle properly, there may be something wrong. We can diagnose this for you.

Engine Dianostics

Modern engines are complicated and computers play a vital role. We can run diagnostics to pinpoint issues and identify your specific needs.

What do I do if I have a Check Engine light on?

Bring it in. We can check the codes that your computer is sending and diagnose the root cause of the problem. We can also repair any needed issues and get you back on the road, safe and sound.

I have had the light on for awhile and it hasn't been a problem. Do I still need to come in?

Some issues are fairly minor and may not seem to affect your driving. These issues may be small, but they can lead to larger problems. Be safe rather than sorry. We can help diagnose and keep costs down in the long run by keeping your car running at its maximum efficiency.

My Check Engine light only comes on when I start the car. Do I need to worry?

No. All modern vehicles turn these lights on when you first start your car just to check the system and make sure all indicators are working properly. If the indicator turns off, you are good to go.

Heating & Cooling

With Alaska's weather extremes, we can help keep you comfortable any time of the year.

Why does my heater not work?

There can be many reasons, and we can inspect to identify the culprit in your case. Common reasons are low fluid levels, thermostat issues, and heater core blockages.

Why does my air conditioning not work?

A/C is another complex system and there can be several reasons why your car is not cooling. You may have a leak, there may be a compressor issue, and there may be venting issues. Our staff can help to diagnose your vehicle’s issue and resolve it.

Drivetrain & Transmission

Make sure you are always in the right gear and your transmission and drivetrain are operating properly and well maintained. You don’t want to gamble with these systems.

How often should I flush the transmission or drivetrain systems?

Follow your vehicle’s owner manual to be sure. As with most things, this may need to be done more frequently in more extreme climates or depending on driver habits. Contact us to get more information if you aren’t sure.

My car seems to take a longer time than it should to change gears. Is that okay?

It’s hard to know what is supposed to be normal for your vehicle without seeing it, but most likely, if it feels wrong, it probably is. We can help to diagnose issues related to your transmission and get to the bottom of the issue, if there is one.

I am feeling one of the following: vibrations, grinding, knocking, strange noises. Is that okay?

Ummmmm, probably not. Call us and we will see if you need to bring it in for further diagnosis. Most likely there are issues that need to be addressed, but taking the time required to find the culprit will help save both time and money. It will also help keep you safe on the road.

* All hours based on mitchell1 standards

why payless?

Qualified and State-of-the-Art

Payless Collision & Service is a full-service auto maintenance and repair center. Our ASE Certified technicians are trained to evaluate and service any issues your care may have, including a full alignment rack.

We are also equipped with state-of-the-art tools and diagnostics to be able to readily assess a myriad of modern computer codes and quickly address any needs. Our diagnostic tools include Snap-On and Autel Scanners that are updated to the 2021 model year. We also have special equipment to diagnose Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche (Vac Com).

Our team of highly qualified mechanics is determined to help you maintain your vehicle for your family's safety.

*All hours are based on Mitchell1 standardized mechanical hour matrix.

Extended Service Plans

We can process and work with most major aftermarket warranty providers to file and complete any repairs needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which oil is right for my car?

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My check engine light was flashing but now it's solid. Is it safe to drive?

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How much air should I put in my tires?

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What causes brake noise?

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